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Dr. Allen Roberds

"Please tell Doc that I left like a new person this morning.  I am so thankful God has placed your practice in my life.  Thank you all so much.  I even have more energy today than I have had in weeks."
                                                                                                           Michelle Sherwin, WF, AR
Hi Marla,
Would you please let Dr. Roberds know that I can't thank him enough for the core 4 and adjustments yesterday.  This morning when I got up, a new found energy invaded my body. The stress from school has been somewhat overwhelming and his magic touch was just what I needed.  I did take advantage of the extra energy and took a nice long walk this morning and it felt good.
Thank you all so much. 
D., CPT, CNA, Fayetteville, AR




Dear   Dr. Roberds, Marla and Dr. G

I wanted to write to you to say how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me.  I feel so much better now and owe this to you for the knowledge that you have shared with me in order to better myself both physically and mentally.  With this in mind, all I want to do anymore is tell everyone how good I feel……I shared this with you to let you know how this nutritional program has helped me to have a better outlook on life in general and an opportunity to pursue this particular goal that I have been longing for.  

May God bless you, and I can’t say enough, “Thanks for Everything”


Dee G.

Dear Doc, Marla and Dr. G,

…..I thank god for giving you the knowledge to help heal me and restore ‘Life” to my life.  There are many, many days that I never give a thought to having had back surgery and all the complications that resulted.  I’ll always hold you so dear to my heart and thank you with my very soul for your patience and the tender kindness you always so readily handed out.  I still wear my shoe inserts daily and, as you can imagine, will certainly need to replace them in the not to distant future.

Neta B.


Dr. Roberds, Miz Marla & Dr. G:

I’ve often heard that laughter is the best medicine. I now know this adage to be true.

What a trio you are!

I came to you in pain that October day in 2014. I’d been released by two RDs (Real Doctors) and left on my own to deal with stage 4 breast cancer. In despair, I turned to you.

From our genesis, you showed understanding of my journey and my place upon that journey. From the beginning, you made me laugh.

You taught me the FUNKY CHICKEN and allowed me to release my endorphins – Boy; did I laugh.

You helped me get a grip on better nutrition and I’ve lost 64 pounds. Think that didn’t put a smile on my face?

You taught me that although the Ancient Mariner may have declared water, water everywhere, KANGEN is the best to drink. I laugh after every gulp; not just because something as simple as water is helping me to fight my battle, but because laughing while gulping might not be the best course. CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN OXIDIZED ENVIRONMENT. Thank you for providing the Kangen.

You’ve become more than a healthcare team to me. You have literally stepped onto my path walk, joining the supporting cast with cheers, advice and laughter, laughter, laughter. Every cun on my journey begins a possible mile of merriment instead of the despair with which I greeted you. You’ve helped me maintain positivity, you’ve listened to my concerns and have enlivened my resolve.

You make me feel as if I matter. You treat me as a person with a name and a persona – not a patient identified by my insurance benefits.

Charlie Chaplin sang:

 Light up your face with gladness. Hide every trace of sadness although a tear may be ever so near.

That's the time you must keep on trying.

Smile! What's the use of crying?

You'll find that life is still worthwhile if you just... SMILE.


So, Doc Smokey; Computer Genius Marla and Dr. G:

Thank you. I continue to laugh ‘cause I just don’t know any better.

Cheryl C - Fayetteville



Hello Dr. Roberds and Dr. Grevers,

Just wanted to express my appreciation with everything you all have done toward my recovery.

Research, tips, food ideas, and nutrition. I know with your active interest and roll in my well being,which I have not had with any other place, my healing, recovery, and remission is inevitable.

Thanks again and Have a great weekend,

God Bless and Be Well,


 JC. Fayetteville

Dear Dr. R and Dr. G.

Is it feasible that the BioCranial corrections I had, could have possibly corrected, or at minimum helped, my thyroid problem? I have some profound differences I've noticed. And the synthroid I was taking now seems to be "too much". Appears like I don't need the synthroid or a lot less of it, probably because I don't have as much of a hypo-thyroid problem anymore.
Kathie N., Washington,DC

"The results are amazing."
Kathy B, Fayetteville, AR

To Whom It May Concern:

     Dr. Allen Roberds is a doctor of chiropractic I have been privileged to know for several years.  When I first came to him, I was very ill with the Epstein-Barr Virus.  I was weak, run down and very ill.

     Dr. Roberds and his able associate, Dr. Grevers, suggested I begin taking supplements specifically designed for my condition.  My health improved immediately and even though I have had some stressful periods since, my health has never suffered a relapse which my medical doctor said it would suffer on a habitual basis.

     Dr. Roberds’ chiropractic care is the best I have ever received bar none, and I have been to many chiropractors most of my life since, as a teenager I suffered a bad fall, and have required considerable care.  His particular method of adjusting is unique and most beneficial.

     Dr. Roberds is a progressive student of his craft and a credit to his field.  I recommend his services without hesitation.

David A.

I came to Dr. Roberds office to see if he could help me with migraines.  I explained to him that I also suffered a seizure disorder.  I had been unable to work. because of the headaches, memory loss, confusion, vertigo and loss of balance that were a result of the problem and a side effect of the drugs prescribed to prevent my seizures.    Several doctors had given up on me. Before coming to Dr. Roberds I had been told by my neurologist that she would never allow me to stop taking the narcotics.  When I came to see Dr. Roberds I was hoping to improve the quality of my life by treating my migraines.   

I was amazed to discover how concerned the staff at the clinic are with every person that comes through their doors.  I had accustomed myself to being treated as a disease by my doctors.  …Dr. Roberds gave me the impression that he wanted to hear what I had to say……I decided to spend the time, money and energy to do the things Dr. Roberds suggested.  

I received immediate relief of most of my symptoms with the first adjustment but it took several months to see those benefits last.  I told Dr. Roberds that I wanted to withdraw from my medication.  One of the things which made this possible was that I came in to see Dr. Roberds when my symptoms were flaring up.  This allowed him to find out what was going wrong and correct it.

I went to my internist to tell him that I was no longer taking the anticonvulsant and  that I was symptom free.  He was astounded and told me that an absence of seizures for 8 months without medication meant that I would no longer be considered epileptic.  

Today my attention span is better than it was before I got sick.  My balance is perfect, my ability to remember things is better then ever and the pain is a thing of the past.  I have lost 40 pounds and four sizes, without feeling hungry, as a result of their nutritional suggestions.  This fall I am returning to graduate school to get a Masters Degree in Social Work.  

Even though I am now able to work in a highly complex and demanding setting: I think that the most important change for me has been the return of my self-confidence.  

It meant everything to me that the Roberds’ believed in me and my recovery long before it happened.  This enabled me to believe in it and gave me the motivation to do what I needed to reconstruct my life.

I believe that chiropractic is the answer for anyone who does not feel 100%.  I also feel that medicine and drugs should come after chiropractic care.  I often think about how much time and money I wasted on tests and drugs and misdiagnoses.

I want to encourage anyone considering chiropractic care to come to Roberds Chiropractic Physicians and avail yourself of the opportunity to change your life.

Mary Elizabeth D.

Hi Dr Roberds,

It is amazing how much better I feel. I gained more strength for my workouts and I am doing better with my diet. I also had a problem with my left leg due to nerve damage from an accident and amazingly these symptoms are a lot milder now. It is unbelievable to get so much better with only one BioCranial adjustment.

I am telling everybody about you and Dr G and people are interested to come and see you.

Thank you for all the help!
Nik P, Fayetteville, AR

     I began seeing Dr. Roberds and Dr. G when I had a car accident.  To my knowledge I was simply going to get my neck fixed so I wouldn’t have any more headaches. I had no idea how much these people would be able to help me and my family.

     My 5 year old son had a learning disability, so we were going along with Special Ed., and the advice the school gave us.  When I mentioned our problem to Dr. G, she suggested she would like to see him.  When we put him on the nutritional programs she chose for him, it was only 2 weeks before Parent/Teacher conferences.  At this conference, his teacher told me how amazed she was at D’s improvement.  She said he simply appeared to “be there”.
      I watched his school work grades progress from 0, to actually completing and publishing his own “book”, in his kindergarten class.  Previously, he had all N’s (needs improvement) on his report card.  But, after consistently taking his nutrition, his grades for the next 9 week period have been great!  He is the only student in class who can write his name in D’nealian form.  His report cards have changed from N’s to S’s (satisfactory), and he even got an E!  His teacher states that, “He continued to do great.  I have taught “K” for many years, and I have never seen a child make this kind of progress that D.S. has made.”

D. can now recite his numbers up into the 70’s, he is doing great in school, and his teacher is very proud of him and his work.



I just completed the first phase of weight loss. It was faster and easier than I thought possible. I lost 25 pounds
Jerri H, Fayetteville, AR

Thank you for your uplifting and encouraging approach to health!
Nick M, Elkins, AR

"We first came to Roberds Chiropractic Physicians May, 2011.  We came because our son was having  very severe headaches for almost 2 years.  We had taken him to many diffferent doctors ( orthopedists, neurologists, physical therapists, even another chiropractor) and tried all the different medications with no results. 

Since seeing Dr. Grevers the headaches are much better. He now goes days without one.  We are so thankful.

We came for our son's headaches but have gotten so much more.  The weight loss program has been wonderful.  We have learned so much.  I have lost 11 pounds and inches... and still losing."    
 ~  Cathy W., Siloam Springs

"I needed to lose about 70 pounds.  On other programs I would lose weight and then gain it right back.  I have already lost about 20 pounds over a four week period."
~ Kenneth W, Siloam Springs


"Amazing! You are the best, Dr G."

Judy F.~ Fayetteville

Since doing the 21 day cleanse and weight loss program, I have lost weight, and have more energy and vigor. 

I am also experienceing improvement in a feeling of overall wellness and have more bounce in my step."

  ~  Sandy H., Fayetteville

I have spent year using nutrition, getting chiropractic adjustments and even getting acupuncture treatments.  But what I didn't realize is that it is the whole package, all three techniques, done together, as you do them at Roberds Chiropractic Physicians, that makes all the difference.  Having a health coach really does make a difference.  I have learned so much and gotten well so much easier than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you all for your guidance, encouragement and support.

Adriane S.


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